titanium wedding rings

Before the champagne toast to your engagement ends, it may seem like everyone in your life from your future mother-in-law to your aunt Victoria is planning and proposing their vision of your picture-perfect wedding. While you may have to explain, your choice to have your wedding at a destination island or why your bridesmaids will wear only blue, but your choice to exchange titanium wedding rings can answer for itself.


Since the widespread use of titanium for crafting jewellery has only taken off in the last decade, some people may consider titanium wedding rings not a traditional choice. But in reality, a titanium ring can maintain its luminous strength and beauty generations beyond the silver and gold. The trend for titanium wedding rings in the UK may be a late bloomer, but many say that if it were discovered before gold and platinum, it would be the most popular jewellery material today.


The word 'titanium' derives from the ‘Titans’ of Greek mythology, denoting the durability of titanium rings. Still, they can be easily cut with a common ring cutter during an emergency. You can be completely assured that titanium wedding rings available in the UK are made out of pure titanium, which has all the ideal qualities like durability and corrosion resistance without the indestructible character.


Apart from the usual diamond eternity rings in UK, titanium wedding bands are some of the highly innovative designs on the market. Titanium beautifully pairs with wood inlays, adding extra durability and strength alongside the natural beauty of the wood. Whatever your style, titanium has many faces. Reconstituted horn, stone, and resin can also add unique style and colour against a shining titanium background. We combine titanium with uniquely patterned metal stock, creating modern looking rings.


The highest strength to weight ratio of titanium makes it one of the best choices for your wedding ring. Its strength and durability is what allows the titanium wedding band design to achieve the best that would otherwise not be possible with other metals. Titanium has impacted humanity more positively and diversely than any other metal. It is one of the best metals to get the perfect ring for showcasing your long-lasting and true love.


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