Finding the perfect wedding band can get really tedious due to a wide variety of classy options available. There are many beautiful and versatile bands available making it challenging to pick just one! One must always choose a wedding band that complements the engagement ring and add to its beauty. So how can choose the perfect wedding band without a fuss? Here are five tips that will help you through your journey.


1. Wedding bands for two-stone or three-stone engagement rings should be simple.

If you are wearing a two-stone or three-stone engagement ring, chances are it already has a lot of subtle detailing. Don't let the extravagance of the engagement ring shine by adding a heavily studded wedding band. You can pair your classic gold or palladium wedding ring with a timeless white group to create an exotic pairing. All you need to do is to find the perfect band that incorporates one of those elements to achieve the look.

Palladium Wedding Rings UK


2. Statement rings should be paired with timeless classics.

If you own a showstopper ring, you should opt for a timeless classic white band to bring your rock into the limelight! Or you could also choose a statement wedding band to create a timeless match!

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3. Solitaire engagement rings are versatile - Go wild!

Solitaires are timeless and classic. You can either go for the perfect look by pairing it with a shining band or make your variation by adding coloured diamonds to it! It all depends on your preference.

Solitaire engagement rings


4. If you have a gold engagement ring, get a gold wedding band.

Having a gold coloured engagement ring doesn't mean that you’re stuck with a particular colour. You can experiment with a broad spectrum of shades of gold to design your ideal combination! Pairing different coloured golds is an excellent way to amp up the charm of a gold engagement ring!

gold engagement ring


5. The stone shapes in the engagement ring should match to the wedding band.

The stones present on your engagement ring should match the rocks on the wedding band. For example, if you own around solitaire and are looking for a glistening wedding band to go with it, look for one that has round diamonds to add the right amount of charm!

Palladium Wedding Rings UK


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