•	9 Ct White Gold Wedding Rings


Wedding is the most beautiful, exuberant and memorable day in a couple's life. The bond is solidified and given the status of marriage in front of society with near and dear ones. There are some rituals which have descended from centuries that are to be followed while getting married. Exchange of rings is one of the oldest rituals and symbolizes the vows which one has made during the wedding. In this article, we will discuss the interesting facts about white gold wedding rings.

About White Gold

Gold is a noble metal. It is highly malleable and can be beaten into sheets very easily. But pure gold in itself is not that much durable.  It is why the goldsmith adds metals like palladium, platinum and silver to increase the durability of the metal. White gold is an alloy of these metals. White gold derives its white colour from these metals. The amount of white metals determines the extent of the whiteness of the gold used. Typically, white gold consists of 90% gold by weight and 10% white metal by weight.

Interesting Facts About White Golds

Here are some interesting facts about white gold wedding rings which can blow up your mind:

  • Nearly 73% of wedding rings are made up of white gold
  • Platinum and white gold are the most common metals to be used in wedding rings.
  • Cheap Wedding Rings which are made of white gold, have more durability than those made of yellow gold.
  • 9 Ct White Gold Wedding Ringshave a warmer tinge if compared to an 18 Carat White Gold Ring.

Wedding is an auspicious occasion in one's life. Every person wants it to be the best day of their lives. Wedding rings are the only tangible asset which stays with the couple as proof of their wedding vows. It is why one should always buy the best wedding ring for their spouse.