Titanium Wedding Ring

Titanium wedding rings have become much more fashionable over the last few years and there are some really sound reasons why. Bands for Hands supply Titanium wedding rings throughout the UK and can share with you the upsides and the downsides of choosing this metal for a wedding ring.

The plus side of choosing a Titanium wedding ring

Titanium is a very tough metal.  Titanium rings are almost impossible to scratch or bend out of shape so ideal for those who have an outdoor lifestyle or work with their hands and don’t want to be without their wedding ring. Titanium rings require no care or maintenance to stay looking their best unlike other metals and have incredible durability particularly compared to other ring choices such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Cost is a factor and the price of titanium rings is very competitive. If you are looking for titanium rings for men and women then this can be a great design choice as titanium can be fashioned into a wide selection of Iridescent colors. For price, quality, and originality, titanium wedding rings are hard to beat.

Some other things to be aware of

Titanium has a matte finish which some people love but be aware, the ring will not sparkle or shine like silver or gold.  If you are thinking of using titanium for an engagement ring then you will not be able to opt for the prong setting – this will have to be made from another metal. And sizing can be challenging as titanium is impossible to solder.

Bands for Hands offers one of the widest selections of titanium wedding rings in the UK including men’s titanium wedding rings, ideal if you want a pair of matching wedding rings in this on-trend metal.  Check out our website to see the full collection.  www.bandsforhands.com