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Luxury gift options for men

Whether you have known each other for years or your relationship is just blooming, finding the perfect gift that feels both useful as well as thoughtful can seem like an impossible task. If he already has all things practical, you couldn’t possibly get him another silk tie; and something like a pair of avocado socks, a beer snob glass, and more just won’t seem like the perfect gift. You might require to spend a bit extra to find something truly luxurious that suits his charisma.

Buy Cufflinks Online

Luxury Cufflinks

Along with tie bars and wristwatches, cufflinks are among the few pieces of jewellery that men can wear in a professional setting. Plus, they’re a right call for those French cuff dress shirts you’ll ultimately end up with, so the style-conscious and ultramodern gentleman should get the best cufflinks for men. Cufflinks don’t just seem great; they serve an essential purpose: Keeping your cuffs fastened. The basic rule of menswear is to keep things simplistic, although it’s okay to have a little adventure with your outfit, and luxury accessories. Cufflinks are one of them. You can buy cufflinks online from different choices and make him feel his charisma!

The Regimen Set

If upcoming important client meetings have him readying up for jet setting from coast to coast every week, he’ll be happy to have a reliable grooming product. Quality and expensive grooming kit will be the best thing for him to tuck into his bag before heading out. The Regimen set includes three best quality products to ensure he has a clean shave every time. These three products are moisturising cream to create a rich protective lather, wild watermint gin face cleanser for dry to normal skin types, and aftershave soother to get moisture and prevent painful razor burn.

Laptop Screen/Keyboard Surrounds

He may not have a wooden, but with sleek wraps designed by Toast, he can pretend it is! Choose from bamboo, walnut, ash, or ebony, and then apply them just like stickers! This set is built to fit around the keyboard and screen of the Chromebook Pixel ½, 13-inch Apple MacBook Air, and the Microsoft Surface Book. It makes a dull laptop look and feel quite posh.

Bands for Hands offers the best, the most beautiful jewellery and accessories for men. Made by the best and experienced artists and manufactured by world-class, expert artists, our collection of cufflinks for men is highly diverse with unique pieces of men’s luxury items. You can also buy cufflinks online from our growing range of stylish, top quality men’s accessories for business, lifestyle, and gifting purposes.

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